When it’s 4 a.m., and you’re trembling–lying awake, too scared to do anything. When the rest of the world is in deep sleep, and you know you’re alone, trying to fight the voices while you wish there were someone there; someone there to be with you through the intensity of it all. You crawl out of bed and go to the kitchen to eat something that will help calm you down. It helps a little, but the fear is still there–you’re still alone in the…Continue Reading “4 a.m. battles //”

Yellow. For the longest time I ignored it; always annoyed by how it stood out so vividly. As if it were screaming for attention it never could win. Beauty. For the longest time I obsessed over a certain idea of what defined it. As if there were a universal criterion that determined whether or not you possessed it. The revelation of yellow’s importance made itself known during a season filled with black and white. Monochromatic colors don’t say much, and neither did I. It was…Continue Reading “Yellow.”