Lonesome House

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 As you walk in, you feel yourself changing. The vintage floral wallpaper covering the walls just stays there, vapidly. You read old stories of the house; left splattered all over the walls. Its history is still alive, floating around, through the halls. As you walk around you notice the old furniture decorating the lonely house. You think of how full of love, and life this place had been–how homey people must have felt as they walked in. Perhaps children filled this place with laughter, and listened, as their parents read to them by the fire. //

 The pale curtains in the bedroom droop low to the floor as sunlight shines into the hazy atmosphere. You find yourself wondering about the wilted flowers on the kitchen table. The monochromatic photo on the wall catches your attention, and you gently walk towards it. The wooden floor squeaks as you step, and for a second you think of trees, swaying in autumn. Laughter and tears, children and their grandparents. Life comes and goes, and you realize: someday, you won’t be able to stop it. //

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